Tissus d’Hélène

Tissus d’Hélène is a boutique showroom specialising in artisanal fabrics and wallpapers from England, France, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, India, Africa and America. Helen Cormack, who started the company in 2006, has a passion for prints so you will find a beautiful and hugely diverse selection, most of which are hand-blocked or hand-screen printed. There are also silks, linens, wools, hand embroideries and velvets, many of which can be custom made for specific design projects.

  1. Adelphi Paper Hangings
  2. Alan Campbell
  3. Alice Sergeant
  4. Boon & Up
  5. Carolina Irving
  6. Casa Branca
  7. Casa Lopez
  8. Catswood Design
  9. China Seas
  10. Cinny
  11. Classic Cloth
  12. Decors Barbares
  13. Edward Bulmer Paints
  14. Fleurons d’Helene
  15. Helene Blanche
  16. Home Couture
  17. Jeffrey Bilhuber for Le Gracieux
  18. John Stefanidis
  19. Kathryn Ireland
  20. Leah O’Connell Design
  21. Le Gracieux
  22. Lisa Fine Textiles
  23. Madeaux by Richard Smith
  24. Mahala Textiles
  25. Namay Samay
  26. Nicole Fabre Designs
  27. Northcroft Fabrics
  28. Ornamenta
  29. Peter Dunham
  30. Peter Fasano
  31. Pukka Print
  32. Quadrille
  33. Rose Cumming
  34. Rose Tarlow
  35. Schuyler Samperton
  36. Sister Parish
  37. Susanna Davis